My New Ironic Religion

I’m creating a new religion called Lubnaism. I’m creating a new religion because I want to legalise same-sex marriages. And I have some different set of theories explaining the trivial matters of life and the existence of god. This will be the religion of the future. A religion which accepts conflicting opinions and encourages questioning… Continue reading My New Ironic Religion

Virtual Immortality

There is a chance that we are living in a simulated universe. If that is true, what if that simulation is an extremely advanced video game? And we are a character in that game with predefined actions? We act in a way in which are coded by the creator of this game of life. And… Continue reading Virtual Immortality

To Infinity And Beyond: A Thought Experiment

Infinity is a concept describing something without any bound, like natural numbers which are never-ending. But, is it even possible to have something which never ends? In reality, there isn’t anything which is infinite. We say that the universe is infinite but we aren’t sure about it. In our collective imaginations, we tend to believe… Continue reading To Infinity And Beyond: A Thought Experiment