Update | Ponytail.ink is now Write.as/ponytail

Dear readers, it is been 13 months since I started this blog.

Till now I have published 9 articles. That is 0.6923 number of blogs in a month or one blog in 1.4444 months.

Ponytail.ink is shifting to write.as/ponytail

This change comes with many pros and cons.

Ponytail.ink is currently hosted on WordPress, and it is costing me around 5000 INR per year to maintain the website.

With no domain and no premium plans on write.as this cost will reduce to zero.

Write.as is a minimalist, privacy-focused writing and publishing platform.

Moreover, you can reach this site through fediverse.

Write.as does not support email subscription in its free plan. Therefore, you should be following me through social media to be notified whenever I post anything new.

Write.as also supports anonymous publishing, that means criticising the government is going to be my new hobby.

All the current posts will be available on write.as/ponytail soon.

Unless I find a way to maintain this website. You can also support me through Liberapay and Ko-Fi.com or by sharing this website with your friends and increasing my viewership.

Currently, I have 18 followers and around 29 visitors per month.

Come back soon. I have been working on a radical idea based on the universal basic income. Its an experiment to change the basic structure of a welfare scheme. Just kidding, it is just an article on UBI with some new ideas, it is nothing radical or revolutionary.

Thank you!


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